Tracking & Anti theft Dog Collar

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If you think your dog is special then so do we. Over three years of research and development we have designed a product that outperforms every other tracking product in this sector.

If you have ever wondered why:

  • most other dog trackers are only shower proof rather than waterproof (strange, but true)
  • or why they hang limply beneath your dog’s head and away from the necessary GPS signal
  • or only last a day before needing to be recharged (assuming you remember)
  • or may not send location data straight to your mobile phone
  • or it won’t create safe areas whenever you want without having to find a computer first
  • or be easily removed and discarded by anyone with a mind to do it

...then so were we. Then we realised that other people were just trying to sell technology and didn’t understand the real problems faced by dog owners.

So we decided to look at the problem from the perspective of the dog and its owner and the outcome was the Retrieva GPS tracking and anti-theft collar. It is carefully designed, practical, lockable, and waterproof and will find your dog for you as well as protect it from the risk of theft. It is not just an ugly tracking box with no energy and very few tricks.

The Retrieva™ collar can provide live tracking and location data straight to your mobile phone, I-Pad or computer and plot itself on digitally enhanced topographical mapping (available for most phones) or satellite mapping images. It will also talk to friends and family if you ever need them to find you in an emergency, telling them where you are and letting you know that assistance is on the way.

It will not only tell you where your dog is but even let you know if your dog decides to leave home and take an unscheduled walk. And because having to recharge something every day is impractical and most likely to be forgotten when you need it the most, our collar is designed with a power management system that extends the intervals between recharging to a likely to 5-7 days in normal use.

Finally, the collar is very difficult to remove by someone not authorised to do so, and if an attempt is made it has enough sense to tell you about it. And because we know that your dog needs you as much as you need them we have designed a personal panic button on to the buckle which sends location data to selected phones or e-mail addresses.

There you go. Retrieva. Tracking what matters™

The Retrieva™ Collar Fact File:

Size:  Extra Small: 34cm - 41cm (13" - 16") (e.g. Border Terriers, Scotties, Cairns, Greyhounds)
 Small: 40cm - 50cm (15.5" - 19.5") (e.g. Beagle, Cocker Spaniel, Shih-Tzu, Pug)
Medium: 46cm - 55cm (18" - 21.5") (e.g. Golden Retrieva, Boxer, Labrador, Bulldog)
Large: 52cm – 66cm (20" - 26") (e.g. Alsatian, Siberian Husky, Great Dane)
*each collar can only be adjusted whilst unlatched
Weight: Approximate weight of complete collar, including battery, is 150g
Battery Life: Maximum battery life between recharge - 1 month
Recommended time between recharge - 1 week
Design: Ergonomically designed to the shape of the dog's neck. Curved for a snug fit, great weight distribution and optimum antenna placement. Waterproof & dustproof to IP67 standard
Technology: Quad band GSM, Sirf III GPS chipset and 433Mhz Radio Frequency
Interaction Test status button and personal panic button
Mapping Facility Viewranger maps for phones, Google maps for phones, web based mapping


Retrieva have partnered with ViewRanger to deliver phone-based, topographical mapping to track your dog from your mobile phone. Because we know that you don't just walk your dog in the High Street, having detailed Topographical (Ordnance Survey) mapping straight on to your phone not only allows you to see where your dog is but also gives you the type of relevant detail that you will need whilst walking in fields, hills and other remote areas. The latest edition of this software also has the following features:

  • For most phones it will enable you see your own location at the same time.
  • It will locate you and your dog and provide a directional arrow as to which way to walk to be reunited.
  • It will show you the direction and speed of travel of your dog.
  • The mapping also has amazing and comprehensive functionality for walkers, climbers and anyone interested in outdoor pursuits.
  • The live phone tracking can also be seen on freely downloadable satellite imagery.
  • And of course when you have found your dog you can carry on walking safe in the knowledge that you can also find your own way home.

Check the ViewRanger website link for more information on this award winning software.

Phone Maps

The location message from the collar now also has a link which will take you straight into Google maps on any web enabled phone. So you will always have another option if you are in an area where you may not have downloaded the local Ordnance Survey mapping.
In addition to this, the ViewRanger software will enable you to download local satellite imagery that is then stored in the phone memory. This means that you can then track the dog and see yourself on the satellite images- effectively giving you an aerial photographic image of where you both are.

Web based mapping and collar management panel

Our web based mapping and collar management panel was launched in 2010. All aspects of the collar are managed by the panel including the following:

  • Naming the collar.
  • Creation of a phone list to identify to the collar which phones can talk to it.
  • Creation of which events (low battery, tamper etc.) that the collar should notify.
  • Establishment of safe areas – as big as your garden, or the whole country!
  • Live tracking of your dog.
  • Plotting trails of where it’s been.
  • Downloading the history of recent walks and outings.

On buying the collar you will be allocated your own login details that will provide access to your “My Retrieva” account. The cost of access to the panel is included in the monthly subscription.

Some additional information.

Geofences: These are safe areas that can be created by you using your phone or computer. Once defined you can receive alert messages if the collar moves out of the boundary. You can also receive automatic alerts when your dog leaves the range of the ICyou™ charging system – i.e. When it leaves home.

Alert Messages: Includes (but not limited to) low and flat battery alert, geofence violation alert, panic button alert, entered or left different tracking modes, collar tamper alert, buckle tamper alert, left home alert, status and location messages. All alerts sent via SMS Text message direct to your phone or computer.

Range: The product is a GSM product so transmission range is unlimited whilst in an area served by the GSM provider. In the UK this is currently Orange Telecom. The product will also roam internationally for occasional holiday use if necessary.
For European customers or those that regularly travel abroad and those in the UK who live in areas where the Orange signal may be weak, we can provide collars with an international roaming Sim card. This will always pick up the best local phone signal in the UK or Europe. There is an additional monthly cost for the added functionality and convenience this provides.
If no GSM network is available the product can transmit a Radio Frequency signal that can be detected with specialist receiving equipment up to a range of 1km. The RF signal can also be detected underground and from inside buildings. Range here will be defined by a number of variables, but is only likely to be used in this way by specialists and professionals in a working context.

GPRS updates: To ensure that you have the latest capabilities built into the system we have ensured that the collar software can be updated over the air via its onboard GPRS link.


Easy-release dog clip: We know that some dogs don't wear collars whilst working or moving in certain areas or conditions because of the risk of getting caught on their collar and stuck. If this applies to your dog then we have the solution – an easy-release clip that fits into the buckle and allows the collar to break free when put under a small amount of tension.
The collar will still tell you of this event and give you the collars location. Please note however – you CANNOT use a lead on the collar whilst the easy-release clip is in place as the collar may break free. Either remove the insert or use a supplementary collar under these circumstances.